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Hot tub aromatherapy rejuvinates the senses and increases the feeling of well-being during a hot tub session. Relaxing in a spa increases the body's production of endorphines which create a positive mood.

Enhancing the mood with spa fragrances is as simple as adding a dash of liquid or crystal fragrance.

Hot tub accessories canadaSpa scents for aroma therapy made for spas assures they are oil free and foam free. Adding an oil based liquid scent to a spa can cause foaming and cloudy water, so pick aroma therapy fragrances especially formulated for hot tub use.

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Discount hot tub fragrance in liquid or crystal form is available online.

Enjoy your hot tub by adding aroma therapy spa scents.

You can source hot tub fragrances in Canada online at Canada's

Hot tub spa accessories CanadaHot Tub Fragrances Canada

Relax and unwind. Relieve stress through aromatherapy.

Some spas have an aromatherapy system built in. These usually operate by placing a canister inline with the spa blower. Aromatherapy beads or packets are placed inside the canister and the scent is delivered through the air system when the blower is activated.

The disadvantage to this type of system is that the spa scent may dissipate quicker than the liquid alternative, and the requirement is that the air blower is turned on. Running a blower in the winter can cool the water temperature faster, so this may not be desireable. The blower also tends to run louder than the standard pumps, defeating the purpose of increasing relaxation through aromatherapy.

Hot tub fragrance crystals CanadaThe simple alternative that can be applied to any spa is to add a dedicated aromatherapy liquid or crystal scent directly to the water. In small doses, a pleasant scent permeates the area and creates the desired mood.

A wide variety of scents in liquid or crystal form is available. They can be found at a well stocked online store such as Canada's

Insparation Hot Tub fragrances are some of the most popular liquid spa scents. From Heavenly Honeysuckle to Eucalyptus Mint there are dozens of scents to choose from. Insparation also adds skin softening elements to their scents for the true aromatherapy experience. These are made specifically for spa use and contain no oils or foam producing contaminants.

Insparation also has a crystal line similar to bath crystals used in a bath tub. Most high quality fragrances for hot tubs are specifically formulated for hot tub use with essential minerals requiring only a small amount per session.

The new Spazazz crystal spa fragrances have multiple benefits in addition to aromatherapy.