Beachcomber Hot Tub Parts Canada

Beachcomber hot tubs are made in British Columbia, Canada. Finding replacement parts online at discount prices is easy since most hot tub manufacturers including Beachcomber Hot Tubs do not make their own parts, but buy them from third parties.

These are mostly the same parts you can also buy directly online.

Hot tub accessories canadaFirst of all, if your spa is under warranty, contact your selling dealer because you should get your spa fixed under warranty whenever possible.

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Beachcomber hot tub water recommendations:

  • Maintain water pH between 7.2-7.8
  • Maintain sanitizer level between 3-5 ppm
  • Maintain total alkalinity between 100-120 ppm
  • Maintain calcium hardness level between 150-200 ppm
  • Drain hot tub once Total Dissolved Solids exceed 1500 ppm

Rinse off your hot tub filter (or as Beachcomber refers to it as a Microfilter) every week or two and spray it with a filter cartridge cleaner every month or so (or place it in an overnight filter bath).

Beachcomber Hot Tub Problems

As with any hot tub brand, problems may arise on occaision with Beachcomber hot tubs. Some of the typical problems may include leaks at the slice valve (or a stuck valve). These slice valves (knife valves) which are meant to provide easy service, are usually located on either side of pumps and/or the heater to facilitate service without needing to drain the spa. The problem with these slice valves is that they can become stuck in mid-position or leak. Always be sure that they are completely open (up position) when the spa is being used so that there is no flow restriction in the plumbing.

Heater Problems

FLO Problems - Pressure Switch

Older Beachcomber hot tub models used a pressure switch which may need adjustment or replacement in the case of a FLO or flow condition. Sometimes the problem is solved by cleaning the filter. The flow message may be solid or may flash depending on what the issue is. If the error code is flashing, then there could be an obstruction in the line or a clogged filter. If the message is solid, chances are the switch may need to be replaced. The pressure switch can also fail for many reasons including improper water chemistry. In that case it will need to be replaced.

Newer spas use Balboa built-in sensors and no longer have pressure switches. The pressure switch, when used, usually is mounted on the rear side of the heater tube.

If the pump is surging, first of all check that the water level of the spa is correct. On Beachcomber tubs, the plug in the center of the filter basket may not be properly in place. Also the RFM jet nozzles may be pointed toward the small suction in the footwell. In that case, redirect the jet so air is not pushed into the system this way.

Beachcomber Spas Error Codes

Some codes on the Balboa/Beachcomber topside control panel may just be service reminders while others may be actual error messages. Examples of service reminders are:

rPH: Test and adjust pH chemical levels.
rCL: Remove, clean, and reinstall Microfilter at least every month.
rt9: Test and reset the GFCI as per manufacturer instructions.
rdr: Drain and refill hot tub as per manufacturer.
rCO: Clean and condition Heatshield as per manufacturer nstructions.
rCH: Install new Microfilter annually.

System messages may include:

OHH or HH or OHS: Overheat condition - unsafe to use spa
ICE: Freeze condition - all pumps turn on to counter this drop in temperature
SnA: Hot tub is shut down
Snb: Hot tub is shut down
SnS: Sensor out of balance
HFL: Could indicate flow issue
LF: Persistent low flow problem
dr: Inadequate water detected - fill spa
drY: Inadequate water detected - heater dry condition - eliminate air lock
Pr: Hot tub in priming mode (on startup)

Std/ St means the hot tub is operating in Standard Mode

Ecn/ Ec means the hot tub is operating in Economy Mode (will only heat during the filter cycles)

SLP/ SL is Sleep Mode (be sure not to have it on this setting if you are actively using the spa)

When there is an issue with Beachcomber Hot Tub electronics, an error code on the topside control panel may alert you to a potential problem. Different control panels used on Beachcomber hot tubs will have different error messages, but will be similar to those above.

Current Beachcomber Hot Tub Models include:

  • 750
  • 740
  • 725
  • 720
  • 580
  • 578
  • 550
  • 540
  • 520
  • 380
  • 360
  • 350
  • 340
  • 321

Beachcomber jets can be exchanged with like jets of the same size. To remove the jets, just turn them counter-clockwise to unscrew them. To reinstall, turn the jet insert clockwise to screw them back in. Most jets can also be individually controlled by turning the jet face or ring around the jet. Turning it clockwise will turn off the water flow and turning it counter-clockwise will turn on the water flow.

The "Heatshield" is nothing to be frightened of, they just mean that is the spa cover.

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