Hot Tub Cover Lifters

Popular hot tub cover lifts include various brand names and brands such as Cover Valet, Cover Mate, Cover Caddy and a whole host of other cover lift devices.

Cover lifts can easily be retrofitted to most spas.

Hot tub spa owners enjoy the ease of removing and replacing a spa cover given by a cover lifter, but there are several things to consider when selecting the right cover lift for your spa.

Hot tub accessories canadaSpas with thicker 5" covers such as found in Northern climates and Canada almost require a cover lifter as these covers can get quite heavy.

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Finally the granddaddy of all hot tub accessories is the Canadian winter cover, a hard cover at least 4 inches thick that keeps the warm air in when the spa is not in use.

Enjoy your hot tub throughout the winter with a hot tub cover lift that is right for your spa.

You can source cover lifts in Canada online at Canada's

Hot tub spa accessories CanadaPopular Hot Tub Cover Lift

Cover Valet is one of the most popular cover lifts available. Because the cover valet lifts the cover upright next to the spa, it is ideal for enclosed areas such as within a gazebo or up against a wall. The secondary advantage of this type of cover lifter is that you get a half-cover high privacy screen on the side of the spa where it stands up.

master cover lifterThis is in contrast to other cover lifters that allow the cover to be stowed next to the spa, but these types require more clearance on the side of the spa where the cover is to be stowed as well as on the two sides adjacent to that location to accommodate the two arms that aid in the folding of the cover.

The Cover Valet is made from a coated metal frame and attaches right to the cabinet or even to the deck in the case of an inground spa installation. The cover valet operates with two shock absorbers to aid in lifting the cover. This is one of the cover lifter types that requires only about 6 inches of clearance from any obstruction on the side where the cover is to be stowed as it folds and rests above the spa water line.

hot tub cover lifter master liftAnother popular hot tub cover lift is the Cover Mate which is available in three different models. CoverMate by Leisure Concepts comes in a CoverMate 1, CoverMate 2 and CoverMate 3.

A host of other cover lifters such as Cover Caddy, Cover Genie, Rock-It, EZ-Lifter, Cover Shelf and Cover Butler are readily available online for purchase. In most cases, they are fairly easy to install, come with complete instructions and can be obtained for almost any hot tub installation.

Depending on your installation, the cover lift can attach to the cabinet top, cabeint bottom or be an undermount version with a steel plate that fits underneath the heavy spa to hold the lifter in place.