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Hot Tub Covers in Canada need to be replaced every 5-8 years depending on use. Although many cover manufacturers make arguments as to why their cover is the "cat's meow", no matter who makes the spa cover, it will require replacement if it is used outdoors as weather takes its toll on even the best made cover.

That being said, there are several parts of a cover that are necessary to maximize energy savings other than the thickness.

One such part is the pillow or other divider between the fold which stops hot air from escaping on the two sides of the spa cover where the cover fold is. By having pillows or other material in place, escaping steam can be avoided. The cover should also be sized properly to completely fit the entire top rim of the spa.

Cover latches should be used to snuggly tie down the cover.

A cover lifter can help in the removal and replacement of a hot tub cover so that one person can open and close the spa without assistance from someone else.

Care should be taken not to rip or tear the underside of the cover as otherwise it can quickly become waterlogged.

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Cover Cleaning Tip: Rinse the underside of the spa cover monthly to get rid of accumulated chemicals which may degrade the underside of the spa cover for a longer lasting cover.

Spa Covers in Canada

Spa covers in Canada should be thicker than the standard 2 or 3 inch covers in order to withstand the elements outdoors.

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The taper of a spa cover refers to the slope from the middle to two opposing edges which allows water to runoff. Although flat covers that are two inches thick without a taper, it is not recommended for outdoor use.

For Canada the most popular spa cover thickness and taper is a 4" to 3" taper where the cover is four inches thick at the center and three inches thick at the two opposing edges.

Most spa corners are rectangular or rectangular with rounded corners. Having at least three inches of thickness near the edges helps to keep the warm air inside the spa, lowering the heating bill.

Whenever the spa is not in use outdoors it should be kept covered. In many parts of Canada it is also required to use the cover locks to latch the cover and prevent unauthorized access by kids and others.

Pressure and flow rate of hot tub pumpsOther elements of a quality spa cover include the strength of the sewing which holds the spa straps into place as well as the thickness of the foam inserts and the reliability of the plastic sealing around the core. The spa thickness is the most important factor in saving electricity.

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When measuring for a replacement cover, there are several measurements that are needed in addition to the actual length and width of the cover.

A tape measure can give the desired measurements depending on the spa shape. Round spas require the diameter measurement.

Rectangular spas require the length and width of the old spa cover measurement, or if unavailable then the rim to rim measurement.

The spa skirt length is the length of the flap that hangs down all around the cover to protect the acrylic sides of the top of the spa from the sun and elements. This is usually 3-5 inches and can be varied to overlap any cabinet lip that goes around the spa skirt as well if desired.

For spas with rounded corners, a corner radius measurement is necessary. Beware of using online templates as there is no easy way to hold these sheets and see exactly where the spa starts to curve and worse, some do not print out to scale causing the measurement to be off. The best way to check a radius is to measure it with either a carpenters square or a straight edge. Better to err on a slightly smaller radius.

A corner radius is basically the length in inches between the part of the cover that starts to curve away from the straight part of the cover to the imaginary corner if the spa did not have a curve (ie. where the two straight edges would meet.

A carpenters square already has the 90 degree angle so it can quickly give the distance from the imaginary point where the two corners would meet if the spa were square or rectangular and the point where the cover starts to curve around the corner.

*When measuring a radius, a smaller value leaves more material around the corner!

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