QCA Spas Hot Tub Covers for Canada

QCA Spas Hot TubsFind your QCA Spas hard cover for Canada above. If you need a cover for a QCA spa model not listed, please contact us.

If you have purchased a QCA Spas online, through a dealer or through the Home Depot Canada, you may want to upgrade your hard cover to a thicker spa cover that will withstand the Canadian winters.

We have taken the guesswork out of sourcing your spa cover in Canada for many spa models manufactured by QCA Spas including:

QCA Spas Del Ray Cover, Naples Cover, Miami Cover, Key Largo, Palm Beach, Cape Coral, Pompano Cover, Captiva Cover, Daytona Cover, Key West Cover, San Juan Cover, Marco Cover,Bermuda Cover and St. Augustine cover.


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Spa Covers in Canada

Spa covers in Canada should be thicker than the standard 2 inch covers in order to withstand the elements outdoors.


The taper of a spa cover refers to the slope from the middle to two opposing edges which allows water to runoff. Although flat covers that are two inches thick without a taper, it is not recommended for outdoor use.

For Canada the most popular spa cover thickness and taper is a 4" to 2" or a 4- 3" taper where the cover is four inches thick at the center and two or three inches thick at the two opposing edges. The thicker the cover, the better it holds heat in but the heavier or more unwieldy it can become where you may need a cover lifter device for easier cover handling.

Most spa corners are rectangular or rectangular with rounded corners. Having at least three inches of thickness near the edges helps to keep the warm air inside the spa, lowering the heating bill.

Whenever the spa is not in use outdoors it should be kept covered. In many parts of Canada it is also required to use the cover locks to latch the cover and prevent unauthorized access by kids and others.


QCA Spa Covers in Canada

QCA Spa covers in Canada are available online with free delivery.

Get the right thickness for your cover to survive the Canadian winters and keep your spa insulated. The best form of additional insulation to a hot tub is to use a thicker hard cover.