Spa Troubleshooting

Hot tub repairs that involve electrical work should be left to professional repair personell.

Hot tub accessories canadaUnderstanding the spa troubleshooting process will help in understanding the cause and solution of problems related to day to day hot tub operation.

This understanding can help alleviate issues that may cause a similar problem in the future.

Improper water chemistry is a leading cause for premature hot tub component failure. It can affect everything from hot tub pumps, seals, o-rings to heaters and other parts.

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Hot tub spa accessories CanadaSpa Troubleshooting - When in doubt, call a pro. Electrical work can be dangerous/hazardous.

Proper troubleshooting of a hot tub problem usually involves isolating the problem to a single component if possible.

Many times the obvious component is not the actual culprit. Understanding the various components within a hot tub can help to identify a problem component.

There are several different types of hot tub problems that range from water chemistry and water quality issues to component failure or poor performance. There could be shell problems, cabinet issues, insulation issues or plumbing problems.

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The hot tub pump is one of the key components that moves the water throughout the spa plumbing.

Some spas use a circulation pump that circulates the water 24/7 while others use the low speed of a two speed pump to perform a more robust circulation of the water at a smaller time interval. Usually the circulation times of such as systems should be between 2-4 hours every 12 hours. This can usually be programmed by the spa owner as desired and it is recommended to begin each of the two daily filter cycles about 12 hours apart. Some spas even use 4 filter cycles per day, so this depends on the suggestions of the spa manufacturer or dealer.


Observe what the spa is doing during different operating scenarios. Is there a display on the topside control? What works and what doesn't. Are the obvious things looked at such as a circuit breaker being off or the spa generally getting power? Is the problem a complete failure of an element or poor or intermittent performance? Helping narrow down the problem will assure the solution is closer. Once the problem has been isolated, the problem component can be identified and then easily replaced by ordering a suitable replacement online.

Sometimes the entire spa pack with electronics controller box, heater and topside control may need to be changed.