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Main hot tub spa pump WaterwayMain hot tub pumps come in 120volt or 240 volt configurations. It is critical to replace pumps with pumps that are the same voltage.

Just because the spa may run at 240 volts does not necessarily mean the pumps are 240 volts and many times they can be 120 volt pumps within a 240 volt spa. The voltage of the pump should be indicated on the pump or on a tag or sticker attached to the pump.

Hot tub pump Once the voltage of the pump is known, also make sure you source the correct line frequency. For North America, pumps operate at 60hz. Other parts of the world including Europe require a 50hz pump.

What type is the voltage and line frequency of your hot tub pump? 120v/60hz, 240v/60hz, 120v/50hz, 240v/50hz


spa parts left STEP 2: Identify Voltage of Pump spa parts right

120 volt hot tub pump 60hz   120 volt hot tub pump 50hz
120 v/60 hz Pumps
(U.S. - Canada)
  120 v/ 50 hz Pumps
(Europe - Australia)
240 volt hot tub pump 60hz   240 volt hot tub pump 50hz
240 v/60 hz Pumps
U.S. - Canada
  240 v/ 50 hz Pumps
(Europe - Australia)


Pressure and flow rate of hot tub pumpsIn the hot tub pump industry, 110 volt and 120 volt pumps are synonemous as are 220 volt pumps equivalent to 230 volt pumps for the purposes of ordering a replacement pump.

Note that this fact may be a cause why some U.K. customers are having pump problems beyond the norm. Although supplying too high a voltage can damage pumps, undersupplying voltage to a hot tub pump can also cause strain on the motor and early pump failure.

The spa pump motor requires the correct voltage to operate properly. The pump label on the bad or old pump should show the correct voltage.

Waterway Executive 56 frame pump is one of the most popular pump types used in Beachcomber spas and other hot tubs.

When a pump is turned on, the motor starts to turn on high speed. This drives the impeller which in turn moves the water. As the motor rotates on startup, the pump goes through a priming mode. If there is air trapped in the system, the pump may not properly prime and you will see little or no flow even though the pump motor is on. In this case, the problem may not be with the pump, but with removing any obstructions, cleaning the filter or bleeding the air out by opening and closing one of the unions.

Another problem could be caused by a broken impeller or something clogging the impeller or pump intake, or even main plumbing valves that may not be open all the way. (The slice valves are notorious for being half-open, or in a leaky condition even if they look like they are completely open).

Finally, if the spa is shorting out or the pump is not receiving any commands from the control, the problem may not be the pump but in the electronics or power supply. When troubleshooting a pump, the problem should be reduced to the component level. If you are sure yo need a replacement pump, or want to learn more, read on.... Select the voltage of your pump from the images above.

Main hot tub pump motors are made by A.O. Smith motors, Emerson, Franklin Electric, Magnetek, Waterway and others.

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Hot tub pumps for Sundance Spas, Cal Spas, Catalina Spas, Master Spas, Sunbelt Spas, Arctic Spas, Beachcomber Hot Tubs, Hot Springs and more.

Popular brands include Aqua Flo, Waterway, Ultra Jet and also Master Series pumps (budget pumps with quality components). Within a pump brand line, there are also sub-brands such as the Executive pump series by Waterway.

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