Waterway Executive 56 Pump

Need a replacement Waterway Executive Pump? First you should know if your pump is 48 frame or 56 frame size. (learn how to determine pump frame size here).

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  • You should also know if your pump is:
  • single speed or 2 speed
  • 120 volt or 240 volt
  • 50 hz or 60 hz (North America is 60 hz)
  • Horsepower Rating (typical is 4HP)
  • Plumbing Connections (in/out) to hook up to existing pipes
  • Connector Type on the Cord (Plug type) or use existing cord/plug from the bad pump if it is ok.
  • Wet End Connector Locations (angle of plumbing that connects to pump)
  • Center Discharge or Side Discharge

Hot Tub Pump Replacement:

Electrical work should be performed by qualified technicians or individuals. Disconnect power from the spa before working on it. The water can be drained from the spa, or the service valves can be used if present to cutoff waterflow left and right of the pump.

Unplug the pump from the power pack (or from the circuit board if plugged directly to the board) - Keep the pump cord handy in case it needs to be mounted onto the new pump if in good condition as there are many differenet connector types such as grey Molex connectors or white or colored AMP plugs.

Unscrew the pump from the spa base, disconnect the 2 unions (after draining spa or closing both valves) taking care not to lose the o-ring inside the pump union.

*Note that most wet ends (the part of the pump that contains an impeller that moves water through the pump, powered by the pump motor that turns the pump shaft connected to the impeller) can be rotated in 90 degree increments to line up with existing plumbing.

Remove old pump, install new one.

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Unions should be hand-tightened but should not leak. If channel locks or large pliers are used, then they should be used gently as over-tightening the pump unions can crack them.

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Waterway executive pump wet endPump wet end is the part of the pump that holds the water and contains the impeller (a little spinning wheel attached to the pump motor shaft that moves water).

The wet end usually attaches to the motor with 4 through bolts.

If there is just a problem with the wet end, only a replacement wet end may be needed along with a new gasket that seals the wet end from the motor end.

Pump motor refers to the actual motor that is connected to the electrical supply and spins the shaft which in turn is connected to the pump impeller.

Waterway pump parts

In addition to Waterway there are Vico, Aquaflo, Laing and other brands, but when replacing a Waterway Executive 56 frame pump, insist on Waterway quality. Replacing the pump with an identical one will insure that your system functions as intended.

Hot tub manufacturers such as Beachcomber, Sundance and Arctic Spas select appropriately rated pumps for their particular plumbing configurations, so it is best to replace a defective pump with one made up of the same specs. Having the same physical dimensions and hookup will assure an easy replacement, and having the same amperage and electrical specs will assure smooth operation.

Before replacing a pump assure the problem is actually the pump and not something else. If you have low water flow for example, the problem may just be air in the plumbing line that needs to be bled out of the system. A pump can cavitate if air is mixed in with water. An air pocket can wreak havoc on the heater as well, but most systems have safety precautions built into the electronics to detect low flow situations and automatically turn the heater off before severe damage can occur.

If the issue is vibration noise, perhaps the pump has just come loose from its mount and needs to be tightened down again. Once the bearings are shot and make noise, Waterway recommends shipping the pump to an authorized pump service center. If the pump is over 3 years old it may be more economical to buy a new pump.

A dirty filter could be impeding water flow or maybe there is not enough water in the spa. Service valves may not be all the way open and restricting flow.

A leak may just occur at the union because it has come loose and just needs to be tightened. Hopefully some of these suggestion will allow you to not have to exchange your pump at all!

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Hot tub pump Waterway Canada

The Executive wet end on this pump is designed specifically for 56 frame motors.

There is also a 48 frame version available.

It is said that 56 frame motors typically run quieter than the 48s. This pump has a 6 1/2" diameter wet end for higher pressure. A start capacitor, (start and run) is split into both starting and running the pump for less energy consumption.

These pumps also feature thermal protection so they would automatically shutoff in the event of overheating. This can extend the life of the motor and may render the pump inactive for an hour or so until it resets from an overheat condition.

The wet end can be rotated in 90 degree increments. Insist on a genuine Waterway 56 Frame Executive Pump and motor.

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For more on extending the life of your hot tub equipment, see Tips on Maintaining Spa Pumps.