Hot Tub Pump Parts

Main hot tub spa pump WaterwayHot tub pump parts that make up the whole pump can be purchased seperately.

It is recommended that if the pump is fairly new to just exchange the part the needs replacing.

If the pump is older than about 3 years old depending on history of use, it may be more economical to buy a new pump at a deep discount online and watch for free shipping offers as they are heavy and expensive to ship.

Some pump parts that can be replaced are the pump wet end, the pump motor, pump seals and gaskets, start capacitor and pump freeze plugs as well as other pump parts.

Pump seals, pump impellers and pump unions are fairly easy to replace. When having pump unions replaced, use new o-rings as each union has one o-ring inside to keep water from leaking out of the unions that attach to the pumps.

Spa Pump Parts

120 volt hot tub pump 60hz   120 volt hot tub pump 50hz
Pump Wet Ends   Pump Impellers
240 volt hot tub pump 60hz   240 volt hot tub pump 50hz
Pump Seals   Pump Unions
    (don't forget o-ring)


Replaceable Pump Parts

There is a big gasket in between the 2 parts which makeup a complete pump. It is between the motor and the wet end. There is a pump seal that keeps water from getting into the motor.

Pump parts can include the entire wet end which comes with a new impeller to the start capacitor near the top that is responsible for helping the pump start up. The pump unions usually come in a set of 2 and they should each have an o-ring with the union.

Spa Pump Wet Ends

Most wet ends have 4 screws to attach it to the dry end or motor end. They can be 46 frame or 56 frame in size.

If you size the plumbing correctly by measuring the inside diameter of the pipe, then the threads should match up to the threads on the pump unions. Note the thread diameter is greater than the actual inside diameter which is what is referred to by plumbing size.

For example a spa with 2 inch plumbing at the union has the inside diameter of the pipe connection measuring 2 inches, but the thread diameter or outside diameter may measure 2 5/8" or so.

Most PVC fittings are made with standard thicknesses, but they can vary which leaves the inside diameter of the pipe the better measurement when referring to plumbing size.

Many Dimension One, Cal Spas, Catalina and others use the Waterway line of pumps. Replacing a Waterway wet end can extend the life of the pump for many years depending on how much use the motor has received and how well the spa has been taken care of.

If the spa requires a 56 frame motor, then the larger wet end is needed that comes with the Waterway Executive series.

Some wet ends require the motor to have a minimum amperage rating. This is to avoid over-straining the motor. The amperage rating of the motor can be read from the tag on the motor showing amp draw for both low and high speed in the case of a two speed motor.

Reading information from the broken or bad pump will help find a suitable replacement.

Spa pump parts are available online at The Hot Tub Superstore Canada. (

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