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QCA Spas is a hot tub manufacturer in Bettendorf, Iowa that has been in business since 1966. QCA has one of the widest varieties of spas on the market.

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QCA Spas Maintenance

Heater connectorMany QCA Spas come with an integrated chemical feeder, so you just need to add either bromine or chlorine tablets, check pH and clean the filter regularly. Shock the water weekly and you will have your water maintenance routine down for clean and safe water.

Test strips can help quickly measure sanitizer and pH levels to keep an eye on the water quality and the pH between 7.2-7.6.


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Troubleshooting a problem means isolating the component or parts that are causing the problem. Sometimes the spa may be causing problems because of water quality neglect, a recent lightning strike or voltage spike in the area, low voltage or a brown out condition in the power line, loose or improper wiring, a faulty GFCI or other power line issue, a dirty filter, air in the line after refilling and other externally caused issues.

Over time if water quality is not kept clean, pump seals and heater elements may be affected.

If troubleshooting steps result in a defective component (such as pump, heater, circuit board, blower, ozonator, fuse or other problem) then simply order and replace the defective part and the spa will be operational again. If the problem is an electrical one, the topside control panel may provide clues in the form of an error message.

If you have any questions about troubleshooting your QCA Spa, just send us an email with the problem. You can also call QCA Spas factory direct customer support tollfree.

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